Wednesday, December 23, 2009



I'm leaving for China tomorrow.
I'm goin to Beijing, Harbin, and Shanghai :)

Hey i got something to ask all of you.

One simply 'deep' question?

Have you done something that make your God happy?

If i must answer that, i will say no. Why?
Because i haven't done anything yet. Simply.

Now i'm thinking how pathetic i am..
God created me as perfect as He is, because He said that He Created Human same as His Self.
But i make my life imperfect by sins.
Yeah, i'm a sinner. And i regret that.

God gave me almost all that i wanted. But i don't give Him any treat that shown how thankful am i for His kindness.

And the more pity me is when i should go to the church for 2 hours or more, to thank the God for what has He gave to me. I'm too lazy to wake up, to sit and praise the God. How pathetic? Yes I Know.

Hey! Wake up Kevin!
Where will you go after this perishable life?
Everybody wanted to go the Heaven. Live happily with God and His Angels. With no Regret, no Anger, no Sad :)

So by this little unnecessary words. I wanted to tell you guys to be more thankful and respect to your God. He have done something great for you. So lets make a change.

That's my New Years' wish.

I wanted to be closer with Jesus, i wanted to be what He to be.

Enough for all the useless things and make Him sad

Wish me luck :)


Kevin :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hey bloggie!

Today's Activity was :

1. I Went to Mall Kelapa Gading to buy my father's present and my mother's present, i bought Braun Buffel Belt for my Father, and a Grey Satin Pyjamas for my Mother :)
2. I attended my Father's birthday dinner @ Satoo, Shangri La Hotel
3. I went there with my family plus my sister's boy and my brother's girl.
4. I'm the last single child :(

I took some photos,
Here they are :)

Me Using :
~ MCKY Shirt
~ Unbranded Pants
~ D'Bute Boots
~ Gucci Belt

i know i always use this gucci belt, it's because i love that damn much :)



oh one thing, i want this for my christmas present.
anybody? would you buy this for me?
i will thankfull fot this :)

Louis Vuitton Masks

one please? i'll be so thankfull :)

That's All Bloggie


Kevin :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wish

It's almost Christmas everybody.

Have you done something great lately?
I haven't yet if you asking me :)

I have some wish for this Christmas day and for New Year wish

Here is the wish

First, i wish that God may always Bless my family and me for sure, give us a happy life, a healthy life, a wealthy life :)

Second, i wish that God can help me to be a better person in 2010, make me more mature, i'm turnin' seventeen in 2010 :)

Third, i wish God will give me what ever i wanted :DD

Fourth, i wish that God always bless my best friends and give a everlasting friendship with all of them :)
*here's my photos with all of my best friends :)

Lucia, Previna, Gilang, Inez, Shirley

Nadia Ingridha


Inka, Stefanny

Bella, Fransisca

Vivi, Anthony


The point is, i wish that God give me a simple happy life :)

Merry Christmas for all of you *readers* who celebrate Christmas, i hope God will always take a good care of you

UPS! i almost forgot, i wanted to share a really really good Christian's Song

Kirk Whalum - Falling in Love with Jesus

listen to it' everybody :)

I'm really really sorry for the wrong grammar and misspelling words,
i don't really good at english :)

Always Yours,
Kevin :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's been a while since my last update :)
Now i want to update my blog again

Yesterday, which is Saturday.
I went to Grand Indonesia with Inez, Egi, and Lala.
I ate at Han Gang Korean Food, and had a little hanging.
Then we went to Harvey Nichols to look around.
And then i bought an Armani Jeans' Jacket at Harvey Nichols :)



i took some photos of me

I'm using :
*Burberry Poloshirt
*Burberry Pants
*Gucci Belt
*Pedro Shoes

* i'm really sorry about the bad quality photos, i captured it using my blackberry bold which is not really good for taking a photos :(


* i'm sorry for the broken grammar and misspelling words :)

That's All Fellas :)




Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Wish

God, i wish i can be like this man.

Glamour, Fabulous, Rich, Famous

God, please make my dream come true.


Chanel's Designer : Karl Lagerfeld ; King of Haute Couture

French Businessman , CEO of LVHM : Bernard Arnault

Designer, Loads of Fabulous Shoes made by him : Alexander McQueen

A French Haute Couture Designer, Fur Lovers : Jean Paul Gaultier

Once He Was the Gucci Creative Director : Tom Ford

Okay, That's the 5 Man i wanted to be in the future. *the most*
Pray for me.


Kevin :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello.. (:
From now on, i want to post my blog more often.

Now, i just want to share a quick post.

Last Friday, which is the day when i finished my final exams of the semester, i went to Bandar Djakarta and Senayan City to enjoying mid night sale, with Bella, Lucia, Previna, Inez, and Egi

Here's The Photo,

Currently Using
Fred Perry Polo Shirt,
Zoo York Shorts,
Pedro Pantofel,
Gucci Belt

AND THE NEXT DAY, which is last saturday, i went to "Bibliotheque" at Plaza Sampoerna.
Great Place to hang out in evening or night. :)

Here, i took a photo of me :

Currently Using
Gap Shirt,
Burberry Cordorai Pant,
D'Bute Shoes,
Gucci Belt,

Okay then,
Have a Great Great Great Holiday All :)

* i'm sorry for the wrong grammar and misspelling words

Kevin :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Arrogant. Destroy. You

whatcha doin, bloggie?

it's been a while i haven't updated my blog.
kinda busy right now.
i'm doin my final exam for this semester.
but tomorrow is my last day doin my exam. HAPPY!

hey, gw punya cerita nih. ihihihih

Jadi ada anak sekolah gw, seangkatan, tapi beda kelas,
sebut aja namanya Mr. Branded :)

Jadi nih orang yah, dia tuh kayak orang sok branded glamour mewah gitu,
pdahal sih kalo gw nilai he's nothing gitu.
Barang2nya pun gw gak pernah liat ada yg branded gitu.
Tapi kalo ngobrol sama dia, wuidiiihhh yang di omongin barang branded semua.
Gucci lah, LV lah, Burberry lah, apa segala tetek bengek merek2 top gitu.
hahahaha ketawa aja deh gw.

Waktu itu gw pernah di beliin sama teman nyokap gw, tapi udah kayak sodara gitu deh. deket banget.
Gw dibeliin dompet leather classic Gianfranco Ferre seharga about 150 Euro gitu.
Gw tau harganya karena si teman nyokap yg beliin gw itu kayak lupa lepas tagnya apa gimana gitu gw gak ngerti deh. LOL. Nah, pas gw jalan bareng si Mr. Branded dia liat dompet gw, dan dia bilang : "dih, kayak dompet mangdu yah?"
LOL ngakak dah gw.

Mr. Branded suka menyombongkan barang2 mimpi gitu. Kalo nggak barang2 kokonya yang ada di aussie sana.

Ya pokoknya dia itu orangnya suka sombong gitu, pdahal blom tentu dia punya gitu.
Bukannya gw sombong yah, menurut gw dia orangnya nggak tajir2 amat sih. Mobilnya aja cuman 2.
Tapi gayaaaanyaaaaaaaaa selangit men.

Maksud gw, kalo emang lo tajir, dan pake barang2 branded gitu. Ya jangan sombong toooh.
Orang2 juga bisa nilai sendiri kan kalo lo orang tajir apa nggak. Nggak perlu di pamer2in gitu.
Orang bisa nilai kok, "ih nih orang tajir ya barangnya branded semua.."
Kita juga bukan orang kampung kok yang gak bisa nilai mana barang palsu ato barang asli.
ROFLMAO banget deh nih orang intinya. (:

Dosa yah gw ngomongin orang gini? Gapapa deh, ini juga buat semua orang kan yang ngebaca. Biar jadi orang jangan sombong. Geli tauuu liatnya. hehehehe

Oh iya, Gw lagi seneng nihhhhhhhhhh
Minggu lalu gw dibeliin barang sama nyokap :)
Gw anggep aja ini hadiah natal.

ini fotonya :)

Gimana menurut lo?
Bagus gak?


Kevin :)